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Wood Decking or Composite Decking

Updated: Feb 12


wood or composite decking

Wood Decking or Composite Decking ?

That’s the million dollar question we get all the time from clients.

There’s not a simple answer to the question unless you like natural wood so much more

than synthetic look-a-likes or you hate the maintenance of wood so much that you’ll do anything to avoid it then you already know your answer.

The following are pros and cons of composite decking and natural wood decking:

Wood decking


  • It is, looks, and feels natural and beautiful

  • Blends well with greenery


  • Needs Maintenance

  • Color will age even with maintenance

  • Most woods are more expensive than composite materials

  • Can stain from spills


Composite decking


  • Will look new for a long time

  • Clean easily and will not stain

  • Needs no professional maintenance

  • Most synthetic products are less costly than most woods


  • It does not have a natural look

  • Will get hotter in the sun than wood

In general, we like to advise our clients to take the balanced medium to use synthetic materials for the floors because floor boards get the most use, wear and tear. For the walls, we like to keep it natural and happy with something more lively such as cedar, Ipe, or teak. By that, we’re creating a good mix of maintenance-free floors and the woody aesthetic one would want in their outdoor space. Wood and composite decking, Patio, Pergola.

What would you choose?

  • Wood Decking

  • Composite Decking

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